Travel adventures with a lot of luck

When I write this I am on the bus home from Octocon which was great. But I decided I wanted to write about the trip home.. 

 The travel adventure  begun with the airport shuttle to the airport.  It involved a large,  swaying,  doubledecker and narrow streets.  There was a lot of gulping and hoping we didn’t hit a car.  Or a house,  for that matter.  

  The travel adventures continued when I reached the airport.   It began with losing my boarding card.  I freaked out for a moment before I remembered that  I have the SAS app so I got an e-boarding pass. ( I love the future!) 

After having lunch in an airport restaurant that confused me  I walked over to the gate.  When I reached it they announced that it was delayed 30 minutes. Then we waited and waited.  Then they announced that it was delayed another 20 minutes and had another gate.  But we boarded and everything went fine.  Until we were about to land and the pilot had to interrupt it and circle for 10 minutes before getting permission to land.  

There was a lot of mental cursing then. Noy just from me.  They called out gate information for 7 connecting flights. 

The interrupted landing took place was 15 minutes before my plane was supposed to board.  So I was beginning to wonder if I would have to spend the night in Copenhagen.  Once we landed I walked very fast toward the gate,  which was on the other side of the airport . And I had a  bit of luck : boarding was 20 minutes late. So when I  reached it they were just beginning non-priority boarding.  Phew. I was a bit worried about my bag,  though.  But the purser announced that the bags from the delayed Dublin plane was on the plane.  

This was my travel adventure with a lot of luck since it could have gone much worse. Anyway. I am almost at dad’s so I get to sleep soon.