Writing retreat weekend! (day 1)

Writing retreat weekend! (day 1)

About once a quarter, or so, I do a weekend were I write a lot. So far, it has taken the shape of going to mum’s or dad’s, or a family cottage. This time, it is a bit different. I have been wrestling with the revisions, which are going far to slowly ( I have revised 5000 words in 3 weeks. Yeah.) thanks to interruptions.

As a result, I have been thinking about going away to write, but I hadn’t been able to pick a town. All I knew was that I wanted to stick to a 2 hr travel time with train.  This morning, I decided to go to Nyköping, which is a smaller, quaint town located 90 minutes away.

I think it took 30 minutes between making up my mind and having booked train tickets and a hotel room.

The train journey was… well, let’s just say the train travelled at top speed. And that kind of train isn’t used for express train. Yeah. I was glad I decided to not try and write!

When I got there, I discovered that my room didn’t have a desk that was suitable for writing, or at least not with the chair that was in the room. I cursed, for a couple of minutes, and sat on the bed and wrote. Which isn’t the best position for my back, but pfff.

So far, the writing have been successful. I have rewritten 800 words, which is a nice progress. I am aiming for the same tomorrow, which would be great.

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