Writing short is a skill

I write novellas, and I think I am the only one in the war room that does that regularly. I know Catie and Laura Anne does it occasionally, and some of the others writes short stories.   Mainly, though the others in the war room write novels, of the 100 000-150 000  words version ( or longer if you are Michelle). Sometimes, I feel awed just thinking about it, that they manage to write that much.  Sometimes, I feel so small since I write so short.  Whenever that happens, though, I remember what Robin D Owens told me once: ” Writing short is a skill in itself.”

I also think she said she was fascinated by the fact that I could write so short. Or maybe that was Michelle 🙂 So I guess my friends feels the same way about my novellas that I do about their novels.  And my novellas are good, but then I have spent the last 12 years writing novellas.