3 Women SF/Fantasy writers to read

Yesterday, Kari Sperring  started the hashtag #womentoread on Twitter. Today, she is asking bloggers to write about a woman writer they love.  One? One? *mutters*    I think I’ll pick 3, instead.

Lazette Gifford:

Lazette Gifford is small press and self published, but I really like her books. Her fantasy novels are well written, but her Science Fiction novels are exceptional. I love how they explore cultural differences, tech vs non tech, humans vs non humanoid species.  I especially like the fact that they don’t contain any  romance.

Wen Spencer:

I have read almost all of Wen Spencer’s novels, and I love them.  I love them for the mix of genres, even if technically all of them are science fiction.

Lorna Freeman: 

Military fantasy at its best.  The characters are great, the plot twists fascinating. And… unfortunately out of print.  But I encourage you to snatch up a used copy if you stumble upon it.

That said, I took a good look on my autobuy list, and realised that it is almost only female writers. So, I guess I should give some male writers a try.