A handful of mixed deals

I used to post weekly deals when I wrote reviews. I am considering to resume them, since I was pretty good at finding them and they were fun to write.

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie is 1.99 right now.  This is a science fiction novel that has been nominated to a lot of awards, and recieved great reviews. I have no idea how long it lasts, but I snapped it up.

Risk of Love and Magic by Patricia Rice is only 2.99 right now. The sale ends on Tuesday.  I loved this book, and I am a bit sad that this triology is over. But I am hoping that it will evolve into the Chinese Malcolms series. *g*

The Genuine Article by Patricia Rice is only 1.99 right now, unless you are Amazon which sells it for 1.24 ( at least that’s the price in Sweden.)

Courtney Milan has released enchanced Editions of her Harlequin backlist, and they only cost 0.99 right now.