Embarrassment of Riches reading challenge April Round up:

I have read a diverse number of genres this time around, which was a nice change from my ordinary Paranormal Romance, Fantasy and Urban Fantasy :). Oh, and I added a couple of DNF novels this time, since they fit the criterias. Plus, no one mentioned that you couldn’t add DNF’s to me.
Second Star by Dana Stabenow
Not perfect, but I liked Star, and the fact that she was more or less a burecraut.
A Little Ray of Sunshine by Lani Diane Rich
It was good, and I liked it, but I think I like Lani Diane Rich contemporary romances more.
Nefertiti by Nick Drake
This was a historical mystery that was free a couple of years ago, and the blurb was intriguing.  Well, I read 20 pages, and decided to not read any more, since I didn’t care about the character.
Doctor, Doctor by Lori Handeland:
Normally,I like Lori Handeland’s Contemporary Romances. This one was an exception.
I just didn’t care about the characters. At all.
Intimate Exposure by Portia Da Costa:
It was good, but I didn’t feel I trusted their happily ever after.
Death’s Rival by Faith Hunter:
I think I am done with the Jane Yellowrock series, for now at least. To me it feels as if she keep on making the same mistakes, and doesn’t learn from them.