Friday Bargains: Mostly 0.99 deals

I reviewed, and loved Beguiled Again by Patricia Burroughs earlier this year. And now you can buy a copy for just 0.99. Not sure if it is available at Amazon and BN, but Bookview Cafe sells DRM free e-books.

I like Patricia Rice’s Rebel series, but I haven’t bought Blue Clouds yet. But I am planning to, since it is just 0.99 (too!) at BookView Cafe.

I read and loved Patrice Greenwood’s mysteries this summer, but I haven’t read her fantasy novels yet. But Dead Man’s Hand is just 0.99 right now, and it sounds interesting.

Claimed by Stacey Kennedy is 0.99 right now. I haven’t read it, but Stacey Kennedy have been on my to check out list for awhile. On the other hand, maybe I should read the free short story bundle with her and Eve Langlais instead.

When I bought it a couple of years ago, I was sure that Liz Flaherty’s Home to Singing Tree was contemporary romance since the blurb is pretty vague, and she have only published contemporary romances. It isn’t. It is well written Post Civil war historical romance, and it is just 2.99 at Allromance right now. I am pretty sure I paid more than that :).

I have heard good things about Ruthie Knox, and right now two of her novellas is 0.99. At least on Allromance.