Have you read the word warriors?

I am a part of the war room, founded by C.E Murphy 6 years ago.  We are awesome and mighty.   And as a coincidence several of us have books on sale right now.

Note: Links are to Amazon, since it is hot and I am lazy. Available at other stores, though!

Robin D Owens have no less than 5 Celta novels on sale for 3.99 each.  Heart Fortune, Heart Change, Heart Secret, Heart Search, Heart Journey. Normally you would pay 50 dollar for them so buy them!

The two first novels in Michelle Sagara’s Elantra chronicles are on sale too.

C.E Murphy’s Urban Shaman is just 1.99 right now, and the second book Thunderbird Falls are 3.99.  Great deal on two great books.

Laura Anne Gilman’s Staying Dead is 2.99 as is Hard Magic.

Chrysoula Tzavelas is running an 0.99 sale on Matchbox Girls. Y

All the books are awesome, I assure you, since I have read them multiple times. 🙂

And for one final piece of self promo: The Cauldron Bound is available at Amazon too, as is my short stories.