5 things about the Cauldron Bound

Since The Cauldron Bound is scheduled for release in early July, I decided to write this post.

1 It was originally a historical fantasy short story that I wrote for an an submission call. The story was too long, so I didn’t send it in.

2. When I wrote the first draft of the novella version the story was called Cauldron Bound and Cauldron Born. At the same time. In the end, I settled on The Cauldron Bound.

3 In the first draft, Moirin was a secondary character that just popped up out of nowhere. I decided that I had to give her some kind of reason so I added her POV during the second draft.

3 I am not sure if it is clear in the novella, but Dhurians are dark elves. They ended up in the realm after losing a war w the Elves.

4 I wrote it since I wanted to write a novella that explored the wars in the Dhurian bronze age.

5. I learned a lot about my writing quirks while editing it. Which was interesting, and I am doing my best to fix them earlier in the future.