New release (+ giveaway!): The Cauldron Bound

So, um, I published The Cauldron Bound a bit early. Yes, that is right! My novella featuring Dark elves, set in an Bronze age setting is finally available for sale. I hope you like it!  It is priced at 2.99 at Amazon, Ibooks and my webpage.  Right now it will not be available at Kobo, due to technological issues between Kobo and Publit. Hopefully it will be available soon.

Anyway, here is the cover and the blurb.


For centuries, the Dhur elves have been warring against each other. The intensity of the war has fluctuated, but lately the Portal Clan has been increasing their raids, reaching even the clans on the other side of the Forest. The Creek Clan decides to send out an envoy to find out why the Portal Clan suddenly is raiding them.

Aodh is surprised when the Chieftain ask him, but accept the mission.

It doesn’t take long before him and his friends Meallan and Finn discover that the other clans are besieged by wolf-men and foul magic. As they are struggling to find out a way to stop the attacks, Moirin of the Valley is hiking down from her mountain valley, because she has seen that she will meet them. She also knows that the only way to stop the foul magic is to cooperate. But the creator of the foul magic knows that someone is interfering.

Buy it at Amazon, Ibooks and my webpage.

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