I had a great time at Archipelacon, even if I kept looking around for Kari.

I went to a nice mix of panels from a panel about the Hugos ( which was very interesting, actually), to a talk about Viking Age Åland, to one about diversity in YA, to LGBT, to cross fiction writing.  I carefully avoided everything GoT, though, since I am not a fan. ( Though I am sure that GRRM is a great person.)

There might have been plot bunnies at some panels. 🙂

I also attended the Baltic Writers Meeting which was interesting, since we were all at different stages in our careers and had made different choices..

And! I attended a workshop about character creations, led by Gaie Sebold ( And I *still* haven’t bought her books after the WFC mixup. sigh. But maybe she got royalties anyway.) It was supposed to be 10 people, but the room was packed. 🙂 I am not surprised, though, since I think few writers around the Baltic has a chance to go to a workshop.  It was a good workshop, though, even if it felt  a bit weird, since I normally don’t do character exercises. I did get the beginnings of two short stories, though.

Oh, and I think you will able to hear it, since it was recorded by a podcast. Adventures in Science fiction publishing, I think, but I am not certain. I also don’t know when it will air, but I do recommend you listen to it.

Outside the con, the hotel I stayed at was nice, the food was good. In general, I had a great time, even if I didn’t attend any parties.  I just wish I had brought the laptop, since the ferry took 5 hours. But I will the next time. 🙂

And yes. I bought books, mostly used, but they were on my wishlist. I also bought nice chocolate. Nom. No, you cannot have any. Sorry.

Now it is back to one week of day jobbery, before my vacation begins. And the release of The Cauldron Bound. Coming in July, maybe even this week, if everything goes as planned. ( There are some tech issues that I cannot do anything about. Yes, this is why The Alchemist’s Apprentice isn’t available at Kobo. Argh.)