Mega book recommendation blogpost, part 2

So, yeah. I know that I originally said that I would have this post out before Christmas, but life got in between. ( Honestly, I should be in my editing cave. Don’t tell my editor. *remembers her editor follows her on social media. *waves* Hi Laura Anne)
The focus on this blogpost is romance, cause you can never have too much romance. So let’s go on with that, right? And if you disagree… Have you read a romance novel lately? (If yes, ok. If no, give these books a try. 🙂 )
First, Alisha Rai’s Pleasure novels.  These books can be summed up with one word: Hot. Also, really, really good.  ❤️  They are about three sisters and how they find love, and struggle with parental approval and disapproval. And the heroes are a perfect mix of damaged, sexy and protective. And you can get book 1 for 0.99 right now.
61W57iT-y1L._SX348_BO1,204,203,200_Second.. The Mapleville series, New Orleans. So I had heard people praising Farrah Rochon for years, before I finally bought one of her books. Let’s just say that I am glad I bought them, but I am also wondering why I waited for so long.  These are sweet, contemporary romances set in New Orleans. They simply comforting.  You can get the first two for free! Then buy the rest of the books, ‘kay?
Third, Kit Rocha’s Beyond series.
If the Alisha Rai books were hot, this Dystopian Erotic romance series is SCORCHING. And I love them for that. I love them because the characters are complex, they are confident in their sexuality, well, at least some of them, but all of them is very confident at the end.  The books are set in an dark and gritty world, with detailed world building. The series arc begins small, and then slowly grows.  And.. just.. read them! The first book is free.
   Fourth, Jeannie Lin.  Jeannie Lin writes really good historical romance, set in Ancient China.The plot is fast paced, the romance is sweet, the world building is detailed and there are lot of action. ( I am also, really, really behind on her books. 😔 )  But the ones I have read have been really good. She also writes historical mysteries and Steampunk, if you aren’t fond of romance. But I do think Jeannie Lin is an excellent place to start reading romance.