Basic map of Dhurig

Map of Dhurig

I have procrastinated on the edits by making a very basic map of Dhurig.  It is very much a work in progress, since it is my first map. I might post fancier one in color later.

In case you have read The Cauldron Bound Melare is basically the combined territories of The Portal Clan and the Mountain clan.  I am not certain how much of  Dhurig was settled at the time of the clan wars.  Melare is also what most people associate with Dhurig, since the Arch-Priestess rules there.  I thought she ruled all of Dhurig for a long time, but then I realised that was unlikely, so I changed it so that it is like the Vatican during the medieval period : She rules a country, but the Priestesshood are  revered through the whole realm, which means she influences much, much more. ( Which also explains why Jenny left the realm.)

I am also working on an even more basic map of Kanida.