Books I am waiting on : Magic and Manners by C.E Murphy

Since I think my book posts are more popular than my writing posts, I thought I would begin a feature, highlighting  the books I am waiting on right now.

First up, is Magic and Manners by C.E Murphy. I have been waiting on it for what feels like forever.  It is, in the author’s own words:  “With apologies to Jane Austen, I present to you MAGIC & MANNERS, which is what happens when I get it into my head to wonder what PRIDE & PREJUDICE would be like if it was not a lack of wealth that beleaguered the Bennet sisters, but rather an excess of magic..”

I am not a Jane Austen fan but this was enough to make me perk up.  This sounds like a fun read. Plus, it is C.E Murphy, and I love her books.   Also, if you want to be teased, the first 7 chapters (!) are posted on her webpage. I haven’t read them, since I am pretty sure that would make me yell at her, since I really want to read this book.

I have no idea when this book will be out, hopefully it will be soon. Preferably tomorrow. Ok,  it unlikely to be out that soon, but maybe March? *looks hopefully at Catie*