Random revision thoughts

I am in the middle of revising Daughter of the Dark, so I thought I would share some random thoughts.

My editorial letter is HOW LONG?! deep breathing Ok. I can do this.

Doesn’t I mention that alreay? Checks. Yupp. I DO. I guess, I should clarify that.

Flesh out the worldbuilding? Hm… Ok, she isn’t the first one that mentions that….

This is going good. I have just added 1000 words, and I am 40 pages in!

Is this new scene pointless? Pokes Oh. That scene sets up book three. And it also explains some things about book 4. So, I guess it isn’t pointless.

I guess I should name those cities…

Damn it. This means I will have to re-edit Exile.

Wait. I should probably mention that…

Uh. Having her fall asleep when she just broke into a vampire’s apartment isn’t a good idea. Since said vampire is bound to be pissed.

Will I ever get past the 1/3 point?

I have added 3000 words this week. 5000 in total. Why am I adding so many words? Because this is first time you revise it as one book. You did the same with The Wild Hunt, remember?

I am going to be really lucky if this is shorter than 60 000 words.

Please don’t say that I am going to spend another 3 months editing this.

I am sick and tired of this book. I will never be done.

*realises that she is 20 pages from the halfway point* Oh. Maybe I will finish it, after all.

This is some random thoughts from my revisions. I hope you enjoyed it. If you are waiting for Daughter of the Dark, you can sign up to my newsletter to find out when it is out. You can also read an earlier version of the first chapter.