Flash Sale: The Cauldron Bound

My bronze age novella with elves that is (sorta) trying to stop the zombie apocalypse is on sale for 0.99 this week only. On Monday, it is going up to 2.99 again. The reason for this is because of Octocon and that it is an excellent Halloween read.

The Cauldron Bound:

TheCauldronBound_SmallA war weary warrior…
For centuries, the dark elves clans have been at war with each other, leaving the ties of trade and trust in shreds. When Aodh of the Creek clan is sent by his chieftain to find out the source of the Portal Clan’s unrelenting strength, he has no idea the obstacles he and his friends will face. As they journey through the war torn land, meeting wary warriors and canny chieftains, Aodh slowly realize a foul magic is spreading through the land.

A cranky old seer….

When the war started centuries ago, Moirin of the Valley retreated into the mountain, not wanting to be a pawn in the hands of chieftains. She has been happy in her valley, seeing few people. Until now. When her goddess sends her a vision warning her of a taint spreading through the realms, Moirin realize she will have to leave her valley.

….will have to work together to save the clans

Aodh and Moirin are unlikely allies, but they agree that they will have to collaborate if they are to stop the spreading taint, and to find out who is behind it. As they work to stop the plans, the Portal Clan are watching from the shadows, planning to strike when they least expect it

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