Operation Shelfpurge

Earlier this week ( or was it last week?)  Laura Anne Gilman purged her shelves of non-fiction books on twitter.  Yesterday, I realised that I need to do the same but with fiction.   Let’s be honest: I live in a small apartment, I have a cupboard filled with books, and  I have  a lot of books at my mom’s as well.  And… most of them I haven’t read in years. Some of the books are on the keeper shelf, but most of them aren’t.

So, the plan is to  go through them, and sort out the keepers from the not keepers. And then sell the culled books on Bokbörsen.  I am a bit sad that Alibris didn’t work, but I can understand the buyers ( If I priced a paperback at 2 dollar, Alibris added 12 dollar in shipping, which put the price at 14 dollars.).

But I am toying with idea of putting up a list the books I am culling at the blog, and let  interested blog readers buy directly from me.    Well, we will see.

( You can see the Fantasy books I am currently selling here.)

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