Friday Finds

I have used Ereader IQ occasionally, but earlier this week I discovered a new to me feature: Subscribing to an author, and getting e-mails when their prices drop on Amazon. This is perfect for KDP select, since I tend to miss those freebies.
Oh, and I discovered that I probably can order Createspace books through my local bookstore. Which made me wonder if I can order Samhain books as well: I definitely plan to visit the store next week.

Anyway. On to the books:

The Jack Daniels series by JA Konrath.  I read and enjoyed Shot of Tequila a couple of years ago, so when I found out that JA Konrath was in KDP Select, I decided to get this series.

Dweller on the Treshhold by Rinda Elliot
This is a brand new author to me, and I look forward to reading it, some time next week

Red by Kate SeRine:
 This a Fantasy mystery, which sounded good. Plus it is only 1.99 at Amazon.

Click. Click! Ooh.

Yesterday in the war room I asked if  it was believable if Mages were called Mancers in the US and Witches/Wizards in the UK.   It was prompted by a thought that the pixies had to come from somewere, and maybe Magi CIS and the Brownie Liason was set in the same world.

The answer I got from the war room people, was Yes.   And something clicked in my brain, starting a lot of thoughts tumbling around in my mind.

A lot of it is things that will never show in any of the stories, like how the differences occurred ( Clans vs not clans), the stability of magic etc.

But, I look forward to spending the weekend doing research and writing a lot of notes. :).



WWW Wednesday March 27:


To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

Warning: This edition is bit… monotone :P.

What are you currently reading?
Right now, I am reading  Rocky Mountain Haven by Vivian Arend. It is the second book in her Six Pack Ranch series, and it is soo good. 

 What did you recently finish reading?
Rocky Mountain Heat by Vivian Arend, book one in the  Six Pack Ranch.  Mmm.. Sexy cowboys!

 What are you planning to read next?
Rocky Mountain Desire.  I want to see if I like it better this time around…. And then it is Rocky Mountain Angel  :). 

WWW Wednesday March 20

This meme is from shouldbereading.

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently reading:
The Marquess by Patricia Rice
I am in a historical romance mood, plus I love Patricia Rice novels :).
Recently finished:
Feral Magic by Robin D Owens
I have wanted to read this for a long time, but it was only available at Amazon and BN. But finally it was available at Allromance :).
Lost in You by Lauren Dane
Soo good. Seriously. If you are in the mood for contemporary romance, I recommend her Petal novels.
Under Witch Moon and Under Witch Aura by Maria E Schneider:
I gobbled up both of these last week and I loved them. Well written, with an intresting setting and unique magic. Recommended!
Reading Next:
Well, I am waiting for Under Witch Curse by Maria E Schneider. It is out in April, meanwhile I think I’ll read the Elizabeth Chadwick novel I meant to read last weekend.

Heads up: Google Reader is closing

I am sure that you have already read this on a number of blogs, but I thought I would post about it anyway :).

From Google’s announcement:

Google Reader will be retired on July 1, 2013. If you’d like to download a copy of all your Reader data before then, you can do so through Google Takeout. You’ll receive your subscription data in an XML file, and the following information will be downloaded as JSON files:

  • List of people that you follow
  • List of people that follow you
  • Items you have starred
  • Items you have liked
  • Items you have shared
  • Items shared by people you follow
  • Notes you have created
  • Items with comments

I don’t use rss readers, but I suspect that a majority reads this blog through a rss reader.   Dear Author has a  list with possible replacements here.

ARC Review: Beach House No 9 by Christie Ridgeway

The Particulars: Contemporary Romance, HQN, avaiable in print and as e-book
The Source: Netgalley
The Grade: B-
The Blurb:
When book doctor Jane Pearson arrives at Griffin Lowell’s beach house, she expects a brooding loner. After all, his agent hired her to help the reclusive war journalist write his stalled memoir. Instead, Jane finds a tanned, ocean-blue-eyed man in a Hawaiian shirt, hosting a beach party and surrounded by beauties. Faster than he can untie a bikini top, Griffin lets Jane know he doesn’t want her. But she desperately needs this job and digs her toes in the sand.

Griffin intends to spend the coming weeks at Beach House No. 9 taking refuge from his painful memories-and from the primly sexy book doctor who wants to bare his soul. But warm nights, moonlit walks and sultry kisses just may unlock both their guarded hearts….

The Review:
After reading Beach House No 9.: Beginnings, I requested this on the spot. And I am glad I did.
Visiting the cove were Beach House No 9 was located felt like I took a trip to a resort somewhere warm. The cove was cozy, and I liked the feeling of community that existed among the guests. They might not admit it, but they knew each other and trusted each other.
I liked both Jane and Griffin. It was interesting to watch how they moved from grudgingly working together, to slowly starting to trust each other. It was touching to see how Griffin struggled with his adjustment to normal life. I felt for him. He had so much pain inside him. Jane  also had scars from her past,  but I was fascinated by how she kept it in check and remained calm, no matter how hurt she was inside. 
I loved watching Griffin and Jane with his niece and nephews, he was bit gruff at the beginning, but it was clear that he loved them.
I loved the subplot with Tess and her husband. Watching them struggle to save their marriage was somber contrast to Griffin and Jane’s budding romance. The issues they had felt believable. I think most couples hit a rough patch after being together for awhile.
While there was a lot of things I loved with this book, I missed the angst. Griffin had a lot of pain and guilt after his time in Afghanistan, but I never felt his reaction to it. It was shown, but his struggle never tugged my heartstrings.

Another snippet from the sorcerer

I posted the old opening last week, so I thought I would post the new opening this week. I promise I will not post a third version next week! 😀

The sound of the phone made me look up from the report I was reading. I stretched out a hand and picked up the reciever.
“ Magi CIS, Di Luca speaking.”
“ I want to tell you about a Pixie Dust delivery,” a hoarse voice whispered.
A shiver crept down my spine. Pixie Dust was nasty stuff. It was addictive, and made you very pliant. I picked up a pen.
“ When?”
“ Tomorrow.”
“ Somewere around Cedar Springs.”
I swallowed a curse. Cedar Springs was a muggy hell hole, filled with good ol’ southern gentlemen, who didn’t like Mancers.
“ Who?”
“ Oh hell no. You have do something.”
The click told me the tipster had hung up. Slowly, I put down the phone. I glanced at McRae’s office, but he wasn’t back from were ever he and Solange had run off to.
I shrugged, might as well do the basic paperwork. I opened up the form we used to fill in anonymous tips in. It didn’t take me long to fill in the scant information.
I stared at it for a moment. Something told me that this was just the beginning on a long investigation. I pushed away the thought, and picked up the report. After making a rookie mistake of mixing up the victim and the unsub, I always read it thrice. I flinched, sometimes I could almost feel the blisters after McRae’s dressing down. That day, I had been certain my career was over before it even started.

A couple changes

I outlined the first 5 scenes of the Sorcerer , and then I decided to start writing. When I started writing, the words that I typed was in first, not third like the old version. I considered it, and decded that it felt right to tell it in first. And, the opening is SO much better now. It is more organic, for starters. That isn’t the only change. I read the opening scene of the Raven Mocker, and was reminded of how much I love that story. In fact, I have changed my mind about self publishing the Magi CIS stories, I want to make an attempt to find a publisher first. Why? Because I think they are good enough to sell to a publisher. It might be that I am wrong, but I wont know that until I have tried. 🙂


Yesterday, my laptop suddenly froze. I cursed, turned it off and went to make dinner.  When I turned it on after dinner, I discovered that it was beeping. Not loud, and not all the time but occasionally, it beeps.   In fact, it sounds like an EKG machine..Yeah…  I don’t like that at all :P.  But the laptop is working, so I can live with it. For now.   Until I get a job, or it is my birthday.