Good things that happened this week.

1. I Have written 3600 words in the last two days. Yay. In addition to the other 3000 words I wrote Mon-Wed. Which means I am at 6700 words so far this week. Woot.

2. I have reached the part of the story when I begin veering away from the outline. Which is always fun. I have also realised that I began to story in the wrong spot. But I should be able to finish the draft without much problem.

3. I have decided that I am not going to Gripsholm this year, since they are only open on weekends between 12-15. Which is too short, since I do not trust the train to not be late.

4. I am plotting a London trip in February. Yay. I am also plotting things for mum’s birthday. ( It involves somewhere warm.And good food.)

5. In 6 weeks it is christmas.Eek. Since I haven’t bought christmas gifts yet. I had planned to do it today, but it was very, very windy so I just bought groceries. Also, I am making fudge tomorrow! I might send some of you some.

6. Chrysoula Tzavelas has a new book out. You should buy it!

7. I got to tell Robin D Owens, Di Pharaoh Francis and Michelle Sagara about their RT nominations before the public announcement, since I snapped up RT:s offer of a 12 month digital subscription in July, during RWA. Yay. I am always happy when good things happen to my friends.