Lots of books coming

So I have been thinking about my release schedule for 2016. Oh, don’t worry. You are getting Daughter of the Dark, the sequel, and the collection.  But you are also getting all the separate short stories, since I changed my mind about just doing the collection.

So what does this mean? It means that in March or April, I will begin to release the short stories, once or twice a month. Then, in June or July, Daughter of the Dark will be released. Then in Sept or October, the next novella, then the collection in Dec or so. And then, we begin it all over again. Except instead of short stories, there will be bundles and print editions coming in early 2016.

So why am I doing this?  Because, I have looked at some successful romance authors, and noticed that this is what many of them are doing: They release the first 3-4 books in a series really close to each other ( in some cases, that IS the series), and then market it heavily ( like first book in the series free or discounted).  Then there are also the fact that I am a slow writer. Or that isn’t quite true. I am a writer of the slow and steady kind, but what takes time for me is revising. Especially since there need to be several rounds of revising.

So by doing it this way, I get to maximise the impact of the releases. Or at least that is the plan.  Oh, I am also giving myself deadlines,since I really need to begin revising the second book. Ahem. And write  two of the short stories. That said, nothing is set in stone. It might turn out that some of the short stories gets pushed back, or a novella. You get the idea.

But 2016 will be an exciting year!