I went and saw Bruce Springsteen last night in the new megadont Friends Arena.   And he played the whole Darkness on the edge of Town record!  Which was a nice treat 🙂 (The first night, he played Born to run, which makes me wonder which one he will play  May 11th…)

I am glad I had a chance to go, my only nitpickety is that the venue was too big which made everything feel a bit diluted.  Anyway, if he plays at Friends the next time, I think I’ll pass.   But if he plays at Ullevi? I am there. His concerts at Ullevi are *magical*. 🙂

My writer brain was happy too, since it gave me not one, but two ideas (!).  First during Leap of faith when he sang ” Clarence is gone.”  Which I heard as ” Clearance is gone.”  Which made me wonder why and who 🙂 ( It might be tied to the notion of writing a steampunk version of WW II I also got yesterday).  Then  during Radio Nowhere, I got  a flash of a character sitting in a radio studio saying ” This is Radio Nowhere. Is anyone alive out there?”    Probably a short story, and post apocalyptic.  No idea what  catastrophe though.  ( I know it isn’t a disease, but except for that it is wide open.  )