Things like this just don’t happen here


First, a train crashed into a house in southern Stockholm ( thank god the train was out of traffic and the house empty).   The incident is really embarrassing for the train company, since  it was a cleaning lady that drove  the train (!) and someone had forgotten the key in the ignition (!!).  Oh, and the house is newish, and the county hadn’t ” noticed there was a railway so close to the house.” ( Really? The railway has been there since the mid 1900’s.)


Second, a big car accident happened in the South of Sweden.  It was foggy and the road was covered with ice, and a driver lost control of the car.  The end result was a pile up with multiple cars and 18 wheelers, 9 injured and 1 dead.   While car accidents do happen, it is rare that they are so massive. 🙁



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