To do list

This is one of those dull and boring posts, that are more a reminder for me 🙂

To do:

Operation Shelfpurge:

  • Start sorting through books in bags, and decides which I want to keep ( I have a feeling it wont be many…)
  •  Enter them into the spreadsheet
  •  Upload them  to Bokbörsen


  •   Go to the camera store, to see if they can replace the cord
  •   Clean the apartment. ( Enough said)
  •  Wait for answer on the job. *twitches*
  •  Go to the post office  and pick up the book Di sent me. ( Which means I have two copies, since bought one earlier this month. )


  • Keep on working at  Trollkungens dotter.
  •  Resist the temptation to post mini snippets on the blog ( since it is, you know, in Swedish)