I am back!

I am back! So the last 6 months have been filled with hard decisions. But mum’s house is sold, the keys are handed over to the new owners.  Which is huge relief.  I didn’t realise until the keys had been handed over how much energy and time it has swallowed.

A lot of things have slipped to the side. Like my webpage.  I have kept on writing, though.  Which means I have actually had a productive 12 months.  I finished the messy first draft of The Dragon’s Blade, book 3 in the Portal justicars, rewrote Vanished and started a new book in another series.

The plan is to revise The Shifters Justice, book 2 in the Portal Justicars, later this year and have it out around christmas. (Though release dates are always flexible.)

One thing I can say is that there will be print copies of Daughter of the Dark this year. It was on the to do list for last year, but I didn’t have time.