Friday Bargains: Science Fiction and Steampunk

Note: I am lazy today, so no links. But all the deals should be available at all the big stores.

Diana Peterfreund’s For Darkness Shows the Stars is 2.99 right now. This has been on my wishlist for ages, so guess if I bought it.

Lady of Devices by Shelley Adina is free right now at Kobo, and the bundle of the first 4 books is 0.99 at Amazon and BN.

This isn’t Science Fiction, or Steampunk…. The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch is 0.99 right now at all major stores.

Carina Press has discounted alot of books right now, and among them is Cathy Pegau’s Science Fiction Romances to 1.99 right now, and I am really tempted to pick up Caught in Amber. Except I might already have bought it…

But one book I haven’t bought is J.K Koi’s steampunk novellas, and I definitely plan to buy them since they sound really good.

Oh, and remember that most these are coupon eligible at Kobo right now, and the Sept50 code is still working.

Friday Bargains: Mostly YA and Dystopians

Note: This time all the links go to Kobo, but I am sure that they are available at Kindle and BN as well. Except for With a bang, which is Kobo exclusive at moment.

Shadows by Jennifer Armentrout is free right now.  This is a prequel novella, but I have heard that to avoid confusion, it is best to read book 1 Obsidian first. And Obsidian happens to be only 2.99 right noq.

Endurance by Ann Aguirre is 0.99 right now. This is a novella, and it is possible that this is the standard price.

Enclave by Ann Aguirre is 2.99 right now.

Shadow by Amanda Summer is free right now from Harlequin Teen.

The Babel Codex by Alex Archer is free right now. I liked the Annja Creed novels I read a couple of years ago ( Although the Scandinavian in me thinks her name should be spelled Anja.)

Not YA, but Maria E Schneider just released  With a Bang, a dystopian Short Story that is free.

Oh, and Kobo have two 50% off codes right now, both  expires at the end of Sept:

B2S50 ( single use)
Sept50 – expires end September ( Multiple Uses!!)







Friday Bargains: All about romance

There is a lot of bargains this week, and all of them is some kind of romance. And since I am lazy, all links lead to Allromance.


First, the free book(s).  I discovered this morning that Allromance has started a new campaign:  They are giving away 21 books.  Each book will be free for 2 days.  First up is Move me by Emma Holly.  This time you HAVE to check their store everyday, since they are giving no clues about the e books, if there are new book every day or every other day.

Jeannie Lin’s Capturing the Silken Thief is free right now.

Jill Shalvis Lucky Harbor series is on sale again, and this time Allromance are  discounting it.

Sealed with a Kiss by Mary Margaret Daughtridge is 2.99 right now. I loved this book when I read it a couple of years ago.

Carina Press have discounted a lot of books to 0.99 and 1.99

Oh!  I couldn’t find them at Allromance, but Harlequin has several 0.99 bundles right now. You can read more about them at Dear Author.

Friday Bargains: A little bit of everything

My brain is still in vacation mode, but I managed to round up some bargains this week. All of the books are discounted at BN, Amazon and Allromance, although the links lead to Amazon.

High Risk by Vivian Arend is discounted to 1.99 right now, at all major retailers. Even if the suspense part didn’t quite work for me, I loved the characters so I really recommend it.

Sourcebooks are discounting When You give a Duke a Diamond and Lord and Lady Spy by Shana Galen. ( It is possible that Lord and Lady Spy has already gone back to normal pricing.)

 Forever and a day by Jill Shalvis is discounted to 1.99 right now. ( And Allromance finally had it, so I snapped it up..)

The books in the Ether Chronicles are discounted to 1.99 right now ( one or two was 2.99). I am thinking about getting them, but I have another Zoe Archer novel that I need to read first.

Friday Bargains: Mostly from autobuy authors

It is my birthday this week, and several of my favorite authors are discounting books that I loved when I read them.

It is no secret that I love Kit Rocha.  Their books are naughty, and the world is intresting.  And.. right now Beyond Shameis discounted to 0.99 right now.  ( I know, it was free re

The Kit Colbana novels by J. C. Daniels is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series.  It is… dark.   And right now the first book Blade Song is discounted to 1.99 for the rest of the month.

Carina Press has discounted a lot of titles and one of them is Dark and disorderly by Bernita Harris.  I loved it when I read it, and it is well worth the 2.99 price.  I am crossing fingers that the discount is a sign that Bernita Harris has an upcoming new release.

And Amazon’s print book sale is continuing, I read on Facebook that After the Storm by  Maya Banks is discounted to 4.99 ( It might be 4.79). My recommendation is that you compile a wishlist and check Amazon for the prices.  Since it is unlikely that they will get any cheaper.


Friday Bargains: Mostly Paranormal Romance

I have heard good things about Jessica Sims Midnight Liason’s  series, so when I heard that she had self published a novella I got intrested.   Single Wolf Female is 0.99 right now, and I have no idea how long it lasts.
Vivian Arend’s Diamond Dust is one of Samhain’s featured titles, which means you get an additional 30 % off with  the Coupon “SCHOOLDAYS”

( The other books is Delilah Devlin’s latest,   a book by Jayne Rylon and Mari Carr,  an historical romance by Edie Harris, an UF by RG Alexander,  an MM by Daisy Harris, and a horror novel by Kristoffer Rufty. All of them are new or upcoming, so it shouldn’t be hard to find them on Samhain’s webpage.)

Edit: And I just saw  on twitter that The Iron King by Julie Kagawa is free at Itunes UK. Not sure about the US.

Now for a couple of print deals:

Amazon have really good prices on pre-orders and recent releases right now.  I think that both Archangels Legion by Nalini Singh and Guardian Demon by Meljean Brook is just 4.99 right now, or thereabouts.  I think it is a side effect of Overstock and Amazon’s price war, and I have no idea how long it lasts.

Friday Bargains: Mixed batch

First. Amazon and Overstock is having a pricewar right now, which means you can get select hardcovers for less than 10 dollar.

Second, I have a lot of good e-book bargains for you. Most of them free or below 1.99.  ( Isn’t free the most wonderful word?)

I don’t post inspirational romances often, but Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden recently won a bunch of RITA awards, and it is free right now.

I read Anna Campbell’s Untouched awhile ago and liked it, and now her Seven Nights in a Rogue’s bed is discounted to 1.99. I think I’ll buy it. ( If I need more books? No, well…)

Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden is 0.99 right now. I have read her PNR’s but never her romantic suspense.

Going Cowboy Crazy by Katie Lane is 0.99 right now at all major retailers , and the blurb sounds intresting.

And now for some more pricey deals…Allromance offers the best of their Bookclub picks with a 30% rebate right now, so if you missed one of them the first time, now is a great time to give them a try.
Carina Press is offering 25% off Sports romances right now.


Friday Bargains: Free Backlist and indie books

Marta Acosta offers the whole Casa Dracula series for free right now ( ends today), so hurry up and download them. ( I am happy, since this series have been on my wishlist for ages.)

The Accidential Demon Slayer by Angie Fox is also free right now ( I think this is always free, in fact). 

Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha is free right now at Smashwords ( with a coupon  at Bookbinge).  This is one of my favorite erotic romances. But then Kit Rocha is a pseudonym for Moira Rogers.

The Black Swan series by Victoria Danann have gotten a lot of buzz lately, and the first book is free at Smashwords.

Friday Bargains: Sales, Sales, and even more sales

This week is filled with sales.  So I excuse in advance for your next Credit Card bill…

Diesel has discounted a whopping 9000+ e-books, in mystery, romance,  science fiction/ fantasy.  I did a quick browse, and found several books on my wishlist.

Crimson romance has discounted all their e-books to 1.99  this month, to celebrate the fact that they are 2 years old

Tantor Audio has a big 6.99 sale right now. ( I think it is US/Canada only, unfortunately)

Amazon Montlake have a sale right now.  I think titles are discounted down to 1.99 ( I cannot see the US prices, since Amazon adds Whispernet fees)

And, of course there is Smashwords July sale.  Which is a bit hard to navigate, so my recommendation is to search for authors you like, and see if they are participating.

I just found out that Kobo is offering a 30% off coupon, unlimited use,  this weekend.