I have a plan

I read this on Holly Lisle’s webpage:

Maybe it’s the story you hoped to self-publish, to get yourself started on a writing business, to cut loose from the day job, or to invent a job because you can’t find one.

And it got me thinking.  I have been toying with the idea of self publishing before, but I have never taken the plunge.  Considering the fact that I have been out of a job for a long, long time, I think it is time that I take the plunge.  So, as a part of that plan, I started to type in the partially finished draft of The Sorcerer, which is a novelette (I think), set in the Magi CIS universe.   The plan is to finish the draft in mid April.  Let it sit for awhile, and then revise it until it shine :).  And then hire an editor ( which will not be Laura Anne. She is an awesome writer and editor, but it would feel… odd to me if she edited it :)) , and a cover artist.  

But that’s the plan.  Why The Sorcerer? Because it is part of a series.  I have one finished short story,  one partially finished novella ( The Raven Mocker), one started short story, plus ideas for two more stories. 

And, I have heard repeatedly that backlist and series is key.  





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