Snippet from the Sorcerer:

Here is the opening scene, or part of it, to the Sorcerer. It is first draft, unedited, and riddled with typos.  But I hope you enjoy it 🙂 :

The shrill sound of the phone made Gianni Di Luca look up from the report he was reading. He glanced around, and swallowed a sigh when he saw that the office was empty.

He stretched out a hand, and picked up the phone.
” Magi CIS, Di Luca speaking.”

” Hello,” a faint voice say .Di Luca isn’t sure if the voice was male or female.
” What’s your business?” he asked, struggling to hide his impatience.

” I am calling about a pixie dust delivery.”

He snapped to attention. Pixie Dust was a highly addictive drug.

” When?” he asked, and fumbled after a pen and paper.

” Tonight, or early tomorrow.”

” Where?”

Di Luca swallowed the words on the tip of his tongue when the tipster didn’t answer. He knew from experience that pushing a tipster would be a bad idea.
” In a warehouse.”

Di Luca rolled his eyes. Of course it was in a warehouse. But were? In the docks, in downtown?

” Who?”

” Oh hell no. Something you’ll have to do.”

Di Luca cursed vividly when he heard a loud click. At least he told me about the delivery, he tried to console himself with.

He put down the receiver, and pulled up caller id. He wrote down the number, before he opened an empty file.

He pulled up the tip template, and started to fill in the information the man hade given him, scant as it was.

He itched to do a search for the number, but he forced himself to pick up the report and resume his reading. After the time he had mixed up the victims and the unsubs name, he proofread his reports very carefully. He flinched, sometimes he could still feel the blisters from McRae’s fury.