Review: Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace by MaryJ Davidson and Anthony Alongi

Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace (Jennifer Scales, #1)Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace by MaryJanice Davidson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

She knew that growing up would mean changing. But Jennifer wasn’t prepared for the blue scales or the claws, since no one had told her that she came from a bloodline of weredragons. Her greatest challenge? Protecting herself from her family’s ancient enemies and preparing herself for fierce battles. And that’s a lot to expect of a girl just coming into her own.

The Review:

This is another of those books I have eyed for years but never got around to read. When I spotted it on the library’s webpage, I downloaded it on a whim. I was in the mood for a something short, and something that wasn’t romance. This one fit my needs. I couldn’t put it down. The voice were smooth, with a touch of humor. The worldbuilding felt solid, the secondary characters were interesting. But what made the story for me was Jennifer. Her struggles to adjust to her new life felt real, how when she was almost adjusted to it, something happened that caused a throwback. I liked how Jennifer acted like a teenager, not an small adult. Yes, she made mistakes, some big, some small. But she is also loyal to her friends, and loves her parents.

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