Type in stats #1:

Number of words typed in:

3000 words.  Although a lot of the words on Sunday was brand new, due to a new subplot.

Number of Oops discovered:

1.  I realised that for the villain’s motivation to work the princess should be a prince. Minor fix, but major implications.

Number of times I dithered about something;  2.

Numbers of times I loved my charaters:

Too many to count.

Favorite lines:

All of them, but I think I like this.  It is non spoilery, too :).

” Rig. I swallowed a growl. Rig  was more fox than troll or Skogsrå. He had been canny and smarmy since the moment he opened his eyes in mother’s den.”

All in all this was a splendid  weekend :D.