Deadlines and distractions

I was so good on sunday and yesterday. I reached my goals, and made good progress. Today… was swallowed by being tech support for mum.  I wrote 140 words, far from the eight pages I needed.  The upside, is that I called and got a refund for Daytona Regency, which will cover half the cost for the new pricier hotel. (sigh.)

Anyway. I am on a tight deadline, so I cannot afford distractions like today. To make sure I reach the deadline, I am planning a weekend trip, so that I can just write for a weekend. With no distractions. I need that. The problem is that December is a very busy when it comes to travel, so I need to pick something close. (I am thinking Uppsala. I can take the commuter train, takes an hour-ish, cost 10 dollar and I don’t need to worry about fully booked SJ trains.)

But! Before and after said trip, I am going to be offline a lot.  Antisocial works wonders when it comes to removing distractions.