So that was Octocon

I am back from a lovely weekend in Dublin. I had a great time, wandering the city with my mum, doing touristy things most of Thursday and Friday.

Then at Friday night, I picked up my badge to Octocon and headed off to see my friends and attend panels. I had a blast.  i mean, it began with Catie squeeing and giving me fudge.  After that, it continued in the same way. I attended panels, with discussions and laughter. In between I got to know more people and discuss all the things with them and my friends.

Also, I attended the Timetravellers Ball, and I had so much fun. I am a bit sad that I didn’t have my phone, since there was so many awesome costumes.

I made sure to eat dinner with mum everyday, and all the restaurants we visited was located along Camden Street.  Most of the restaurants had been recommended on Twitter or in the program.  The food was very tasty. Even if the portions was really big in some cases.

I am definitely looking forward to next year.  Though I am also going to Eurocon which is 3 weeks later, and maybe something else so it will be a hectic autumn for me next year. 🙂