I had a great time in Dublin. I went to the Pseudonym panel, the Peaceful Science Fiction panel, the Celtic Gods panel, a panel about Cover art, and Catie’s party.

All of them were interesting, and the moderators did a great job even if the panels went off topic occasionally.  Especially the Celtic gods panel.  I might have rolled my eyes occassionally at one of the panelists.

I did go to fewer panels than planned but that was my own fault. l didn’t realise until Saturday afternoon that my tablet hadn’t changed timezone. At least I discovered it before MY first panel.

My panels went well.  With the exception of the first panel. In hindsight, I should have declined it sinceI have just begun.    The panel about Fairytales across Europe was fun. I liked discussing myths and folklore, especially the differences between Sweden and Ireland.  My last panel was about Betareading and Editing.  Sharpie moderated it, which made things interesting. I didn’t guilt her too much about the missing feedback.It was Interesting to hear about what other authors did. One thing we all agreed on was the importance of hiring an editor.
The best part about  the con was meeting new people. I met quite a few. Mostly because Laura Anne introduced me to everyone she knew.  Since she has spent 25 years in the business, she knows quite a few people.  I’m looking forward to go back for Octocon next year! I also decided that next time I am staying longer so I get to see more of the city.
Another thing that made me happy me happy was that people picked up the download cards I brought. I had 30 when I arrived . I have one left. It helped that I was the only one that had thought of bringing a download card. The cards cost 50 dollar to print. Mainly because I was a bit late, so I had to order a pricier shipping. And they were worth it. I have no idea how many that will actually download a copy, though.

There were a couple of oopses:
For starters I brought Urban shaman for Catie to sign Except I forgot to unpack it from my suitcase.
I roomed with Laura Anne and the first night we were woken up by the hotel dumping glass in a dumpster.  The last night I came up to a cold room and a billowing curtain. Yupp. The window had been open all the time, or at least not properly closed.. Which explained a lot.