Life is a rollercoaster sometimes

Let me just say that healthwise this week sucked. It began on Wednesday when I had to cancel a work related conference since I had a sore throat. Then on Friday, my leg began hurting. According to Dad I have a pinched nerve in my lower back.    In other words, my body didn’t like my habit of writing with my laptop in my knee. In other words, time to get a desk. So for the foreseeable future I am doing my writing at the kitchen table.

In between this, I had a duh moment based on feedback I got from Chrysoula on Daughter of the Dark. She thinks it should be a novel. Yeah. I got a deer in headlights look when I read that. I don’t think that Daughter of the Dark  will become a 100 k words novel, but her feedback are things I really need to think about.    Not good when you have a ” publish it soon” deadline. What makes it worse is that it is my own fault. In hindsight, I should have sent Daughter of the Dark instead of The Wild Hunt to Thirzah and Sharpie. At least it is a mistake that I will not make again.

When it comes to writing, the draft of Frosthold is progressing nicely. I have typed in all of the handwritten pages, so right now the draft is at 4500. Which equals 2 pages in the handwritten outline. Sure, it is a sketchy outline, but still! So I should reach the goal easily. Part of me is whispering that this is YA, you could query agents with it! Um. Yeah. Which is freaking me out a bit. Though, technically the Wild Hunt might be YA too.

And to top of the week,I have a feeling that my body have decided that I should get con crud after all. Sigh. We will see how I feel tomorrow.

Well, now I need to go back to typing in the sketchy outline. And maybe the handwritten notes.