Lessons learned with Exile

1.   Have a formatting checklist

That is the biggest mistake I did.  I didn’t write a formatting checklist that included things like add the cover design/ stockphoto credits. As a result, I had to reupload Exile 3 times.

2. Once you have hit published, you cannot fix things in the e-book.  Which means you’ll have to unpublish it and reupload a new version.  ( Can you pretty please change that Publit?)

3.  Kobo takes a long time with uploading things. ( At least 5 days)

4.  The Widgetshop is too complicated. I think a lot of people balked at giving their address and stuff for something that is free.

Speaking of free:  You can download Exile at Kobo for free right now.  Since I just reuploaded the 3rd version ( fixing the quote marks), I also changed the price to 0.99.   I have no idea how long it will cost 0.99. It depends on how big cut Kobo etc takes.