My reward for completing the edits: More edits.

Earlier this week, I finished the revisions of Daughter of the Dark. It was the second heavy pass during the last 9 months. I am proud that I managed it, even if it was tempting to just give up, but I slogged on.  Now it is done, or at least the heavy lifting is. I am working on fixing the ending right now, and there are some other things niggling in the back of my brain, but they can wait until the next pass.

My brain want to do said next pass now. Which is a big step forward. I have never been so aware of the flaws of a draft just after finishing revising it. I am hoping that this will cut time in my writing process, though.  If I can work on a 18 month cycle, instead of a 24 month one, it will make a huge difference. I am aiming for 12 months  between finished first draft and published book, but I am not certain I will be able to reach that on a regular schedule any time soon.

I also guess I should get cracking on revising the next novella. But first, I am going to write something new. Because I need the break from the revising. (Ideally, I would write Tarre, but I need to type in Frosthold first and I am not sure if I am up to doing that right now. On the other hand, it is the ideal project  to do in between edits. Hm.)

I have no idea what I will write, though, I just know that I will write. Which is good.