If someone had told me yesterday that I would voluntarily do math, I would have laughed at them.
That was before I decided to figure out why The Cauldron Bound was so much shorter than it should be on Amazon. Or maybe it is that Exile is longer than it should be.  I don’t know.

The first step was to Google. The internet agreed on that Amazon’s algoritms were unknown but was probably based on an estimated words per page count that ranged 250-300.

Well. Now that I knew that, I decided to do some basic math and see if it was correct. 
The Cauldron Bound:
300 x 81= 24300.
Which is pretty close.

Exile: 300 x 57=17000.
Uhm.. Not so close. So I decided to try 150 x 57. 8900. Semi-Close. Except Exile is a bit shorter.
So I thought about it and decided to try 140×57= 7900. Which is much closer.

As to why Amazon is using two different algoritms for Short stories and novellas. I cannot know for certain but I think it has to do with making readers  feel like they get fair value when they buy short stories. But also tell them that this isn’t a novel when it comes to novellas.  Because

Anyway, that was what I did on the bus this morning.