A Belated Happy 2020

A Belated Happy 2020

So I had an wonderful christmas, that was mostly spent away from the internet. Which was glorious. I read lots of books, ate good food, played with my nephews (especially the oldest one, since we spent New Year and a whole weekend together, talked with my siblings, met family I don’t see ofte,, ate tasty food. Mmmm..

I hope you had a wonderful holiday too, with family, and friends, and tasty food and laughter and memories. And if you wasn’t… I am sending all the virtual hugs, and hope that the next one is better.

I am going to treasure the memories, and smile when I see the art my uncle gifted me at christmas. (“You live in a smaller apartment, so you get two paintings.” Which are lovely, but I am still scratching my head over the reasoning.)

Anyway, I am back in my apartment, and am slowly editing Vanished. I am part way through chapter three. Which is a nice progress, since I have a March deadline.

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