That was an interesting November

That was an interesting November

So if you follow me on social media, you will have noticed that I have mentioned that my dayjob is laying off a lot of people.. and I am one of them, I found out a couple of weeks ago. I have no idea what will happen, to be honest.

A lot of the discussion is happening without me, which why I am so glad I am member of the union. Otherwise… no one would fight for me. And people *are* fighting for me. From the union, who is vehemently disagreeing with the HR’s stand poimt that only my permant position should count, to the two doctors who are fighting with the clinic board to change their minds.

We are in a disagreement if it will help or not. One of the doctors assured me a couple of days ago that it helps. I… am less convinced. The hospital needs to save a *lot* of money, And on the paper, my position isn’t essential. Except… if they split up my position, it means that 2 people will get 40 % more to do. Which… is a lot.

So right now, I am still in a bit in a shock, though I am also working at my CV and pondering my options, since…even if there is a miracle, and I get to keep my position, the trust that was a bit battered before is now cracked. There is also the fact that while I like my job, and I am good at it… I am feeling the need for a challenge.

Oh, and in between all this, I am also working on the outline for an new book. Needless to say it is going slowly, but I like what I get. I have no idea when I’m actually going to write it, hopefully in December, though December is awfully close now. I really want to go somewere warm and sunny, but… that’s not going to happen. *tired sigh* At least I’m going to Malmö in December and hopefully I’ll see some friends then.

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