A rambling update

I have been busy editing Daughter of the Dark, and I’m reminded how much I love this story. And I’m also reminded of how much better I am as a writer now, since I last revised it 2009. Which is almost 5 years ago, now. And I have written a lot of stuff since then.  Anyway, the editing of the first part of the duology is done. I think I cut close to 1000 words, mostly in the shape general tightening . And there were some bloopers. I’ll post it one of them next year.  🙂

I also spent sometime creating a mock up for The Queen of Sind, which is Sherezade’s new title. I decided to retitle it, since I didn’t want to confuse people. Even if the premise  is *based* on the set up for Thousand and One Night, it is not a straight retelling.  I have taken the premise, made Shah-Riar a lot less bloodthirsty, but looking for a new wife, and added lots of palace intrigues.  I had a lot of fun writing it, and I look forward to publish it late 2014/ early 2015.   Maybe my Christmas Gift to you next year will be a new book, instead of just the first chapter. 🙂

I also made a mock-up cover for the sequel to Daughter of the Dark, which is called Shadow of Love. What love? You’ll  find out next year!  My plan for the next two years is to release 1-2 e-books/ year. Next year, it will definitely be two, maybe three. Next year, the new story will either be the Clan War short story I’m planning on writing ( although technically it is based on a Historical Fantasy short story I wrote a couple of years ago), or The Alchemist’s Apprentice, which is a prequel to The Queen of Sind. It might be that I include that one in The Queen of Sind, or offers it as a freebie, though.  I’m leaning toward the Clan War story, since it is set in Dhurig, which means there would be a theme in the books.

Next up:  Short story! Probably the Clan War story, although I need to do some research, first.

Oh, and I had an idea about the Brownie Liason, which would make my main character elf, and the brownies gnomes.  🙂