Back to the drawing board

So. Last year, I outlined The Dragon’s Blade, from Erwan’s POV. And it was a decent outline.  Except… I realised last week that I was using the wrong POV.  I had begun writing it from Erwan’s POV, and the 5000 words that I had wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t the right words. I took some days off to think about why I felt like that.  I realised it was because of the title. The Dragon’s blade is the perfect title, since it both hints about the plot and what the heroine does. Yeah. Having a title that hints about the heroine, while the book is told by another POV…. Is probably not the smartest thing to do.  So it is back to the drawing board for me. I will probably able to reuse a chunk of the outline, but we will see. I am much happier with the new outline, though.  Now I just need another 1000 words, though I would prefer 1500, then I can begin to write the book.  *looks at calendar* Though that should be around the time that I get the edits back… Good thing that I have until August to finish the book. ( I am also planning to work on it in Florida.)  The outline will also help me write faster. If I know what happens, the words flow more easily, which means I can write more every day. (It also means that the revision wont involve adding 20 000 words. Hopefully.)