Busy, busy.

Right now, I am revising the first part of The Shattered Ward so that I can send it to be betaread later this week. I am happy with how the opening scene turned out. It was good in the first draft, it is better now, and it will be even better after Thirzah has betaread it. As will the rest of the first part. 🙂  Then I am going back to finish the first draft, before I revise the other parts since I have decided that no matter what I do with The Shattered Ward, I want to have the story arc finished first.

After I am done with The Shattered Ward, there will be a flurry of revisions for The Cauldron Bound, since I am waiting on feedback from Kari.  Hopefully I’ll get those..soon.   Since I have a March deadline for the next round of revisions.  ( It felt like a lot of time, but now I am staring at the Calendar wondering. But I really wanted Laura Anne to edit it. So March it is.)

It isn’t more busy than I was last year.  So I will manage it. Somehow.  Though it might require becoming better at saying no.  And the end result will be more books for you to read.   Now I need to  go back to revising part one.   *poff*