I have a headache right now

I read this excellent post by Carolyn Jewel.  I am glad I read it, but  I have a headache right now, even if it is for different reasons. See, my distributor works like this: I set a list price of 50 cent ( for Exile), and then the stores add their overhead. Some adds very little. Some adds more. Which I have been muttering about, but I hadn’t considered the implications of that habit.   Let’s take Germany.   I distribute to both Weltbild  and Thalia.  Weltbild adds 30 cent, but Thalia adds 1 Euro.   And considering Germany has laws that say that all the books have to cost the same in all the stores..  Lets just say, I have a headache. It is also not something that I can do anything about right now.   Publit is working on changing their pricing strategy.  I don’t know when it will go live, but they are working on it.  ( I am hoping it is part of it when they switch to the new Publit next week or so.)