Cover reveal: Vanished

So after. 4 months of revising, I am finally done with the rewrite. It is 11 000 words longer than when I started, and probably has a gazillion rough spots. Which makes this a good time to reveal the cover that I have been sitting on since August. My cover designer had an surprise opening, which I nabbed. It was… interesting to give cover feedback on my phone, since I was in Gothenburg.

Anyway. Here the cover is! Isn’t it pretty?!

It should have been an easy job….

Jenny travelled to Gesse, thinking it would be an easy, straightforward job, except for the fact that her mentor Arwel couldn’t come. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

The moment she arrives, she is plunged into the search for the  missing Lady Alenia, granddaughter of the viceroy of Perrine. Together with Eric, a Royal Inspector, she is racing to find her. Before it is too late..

The more clues they find, the more questions arise, making it clear that finding the killer isn’t the end. It is the beginning on a journey that will take Jenny and Eric to the cloister of Arnesse and the secrets it holds.

And some of those secrets will have teeth.