Let me be, I’m moping

So, my dad asked me if I want to go to his cottage this weekend, when I said no, he wanted to know why.  I just said I didn’t want to because my colon is acting up.  (Which is true.) But the real reason isn’t my colon. Or at least not, just my colon.

The real reason is Åcon. .   Åcon would have been this weekend, and I am part moping over the fact that I won’t see my friends and grieving because I have no idea when I’ll see my friends again.  Which…is understandable. We are all grieving our plans and worrying for our friends and family.

So, what are my plans this weekend?

Basically, take it easy. Maybe poke on the outline, read a bit and clean the apartment. Sit on the balcony. Just… take it easy, because we are in a crisis, and no one knows when it will be over.