Doing all the things

Doing all the things

So last week was…. odd. I was tired and had a couple of odd episodes of parestesi. They weren’t like the symtoms that I normally have, but since taking a b vitamine pill made the symtoms go away, I decided I needed a B-12 shot.

For the last 4-5 months or so, I have been taking b-vitamine pills, which has a *crazy* dose of b-vitamine in them, so I haven’t taken the shot. I thought they worked for me.

Except…. obviously not. Suddenly I have more energy, but more importantly I can focus much better.

See the list of things I have done:

  • Done the all dishes
  • Done all the laundry x3
  • Put the bookshelves in order (which resulted in some tidying up.)
  • Handed in somethings for mending (finally.)
  • Emptied the recycling bins
  • Ordered new filters to the vacuum
  • Written 1200 words.
  • called about the dishwasher (the plumber is coming on tuesday. Huzzah.)

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