On revising and schedules

Ever since things have started to calm down a bit, I have been thinking about what is a sustainable release pace for me.

I know that Amazon’s algorithms are pushing toward a rapid release schedule, but considering that my first two drafts takes 2-4 months each, with a good chunk of time in between the drafts… it simply isn’t feasible for me to push for a rapid release schedule.

What is feasible for me is to release one book per year, and to be open with it to my readers. I mean, there might be an surprise release, occassionally, but frankly,one per year is what I can reasonably do, considering day job and life.

That said… since life has been hectic and I have kept writing, but not necessarily revising and sending things to my editor, I have a backlog of books waiting for me to revise them.

First up after I finish the Shifter’s Justice? Vanished. It needs some proof reading, and then it is off to the editor for the next round of edits. (I read it through recently because my cover designer had a surprise opening, and it is sound except for one spot, but that is easily fixable.) I am still pondering if I should do a pre-order or not, or just drop the book when it is done. Both has its plus sides.