Done. Done. Done.

It took much, much longer than expected, though to fair I also moved, with all the entails, but I am finally done with rewriting  the Bonedragon’s Curse.  

The draft  started at 30 900 words and ended at 46 600 words. o-o.   Maybe there is a reason why it took…*checks* 6 months to rewrite.  (I guess I did it again. sigh.) I did learn a lot about my process, and it should probably go faster the next time.  The only reason I didn’t do the “revise the chapters backwards” in the end was because i knew the end would need a lot of work.  Which turned out to be correct, since the end has a lot of more words now. 

Which means, I’ll have another round of edits later on, but not now.  Now I am going to spend the rest of the week reading books other people wrote. And going to Gothenburg to see a show. 

And probably finish unpacking my apartment. 

But first I am going to bed.