E-book pricing lesson

Earlier this week, I discovered that Kobo finally updated the price for Exile (Still no sign of it at other stores). Which should be good news, right?

It would have been, if the price listed had been the 0.99 I entered at Publit. It wasn’t. Instead the price was 2.71 dollar.

I cursed, and changed the list price at Publit. It will take a while before I see if the price changes at Kobo.   Hopefully by then it will be available everywhere. 🙂

At least that answered one question for me: If the retailers would sell my books at the list price, and take a cut out of the price. Or if they would take my list price and add to it.

I’ll admit that I would prefer if it was the first option, but it isn’t. The only thing I say is that the likelihood of me running any sales just dropped drastically.

I am also glad I discovered this now.  It would have been worse if I entered 2.99 as list price for a novella and then later discovered that it was over 5 dollar.

Even if there have been some fumbling from my side, I am not planning on abandoning Publit yet.  Their customer service have been patient and responsive to my inquiries. Are there things I wish were different? Yes.  I am also aware that some of the things stem from the fact that I have more knowledge about self publishing using Amazon and Smashwords, and not a distributor for publishers.  🙂