I am not certain how, but somehow I managed to write 50 pages this week. Which is impressive, since I had written 65 pages in total before September.  To be fair, August was busy with travelling, work and preparing Exile for publication.

Still, the first week have made me hope that I might finish the first draft before Oct 1st after all. But we will see.

Another thing we will see how Exile’s ranking is affected by the fact that it will be 0.99 soon ( probably next week) and that it will have another ISBN since I am a doofus, first at  Kobo and then at other places.   I am more than happy with its rank, especially with the fact that it has been climbing for the last 2-3 days.  To be fair, I am experimenting with marketing it online, mostly on twitter with various hashtags.

When the sales numbers trickles down to Publit, it will be really interesting to see how many sales the ranking represents.

Also, I am really happy with Publit’s customer service. They are swift and prompt, since I have had to contact them twice this week.