Experimenting with iAuthor

A lot of promoting services follows me at Twitter, don’t ask me why. Most of the times I click their profiles, skim their last 5 tweets and then I ignore them. When iAuthor followed me today, I did the same but there was something about them that made me curious enough to check out their webpage.

I wasn’t still convinced, since it felt like it was too good to be true, but I googled and found an interview with the founder, which explained some of my qualms.  In the end, iAuthor is free, it is semi large and it has a straightforward TOS. So I am giving it a try.

Does it work?  Yes. I downloaded two samples and 1 free kindle copy.  But there were also a lot of cringing over covers and typos.  My covers are master pieces compared to some covers. The sad part was that it was often the text that made them look amateurish.

Anyway, my profile at iAuthor is here.